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We Can Help You With Tax Audits in Falls Church, VA

The idea of a tax audit is intimidating for just about everyone; no one wants to attract the attention of the IRS and have their tax return put under a microscope. But the truth is: Audits are more easily managed than you might have thought. At Sina Kazemi Accounting & Tax Service LLC, we have helped over 200 clients solve their tax and financial problems and are equipped to handle your concerns with professional IRS audit assistance in Falls Church, VA. 

What is an Audit and Why Was I Chosen?

A tax audit is a review process undertaken by the IRS, where your tax return is closely examined for accuracy. Your return might trigger an audit if it stands out amongst a group of similar tax returns for people in your income bracket. The IRS uses a comparison system to determine which returns are out-of-the-ordinary among a pool of like tax filers; if your information differs from the average information collected, it is more likely to trigger an audit.

If you’ve been selected for a tax audit by the IRS, don’t panic --- Sina Kazemi Accounting & Tax Service LLC can help. Our tax accounting professionals have experience accurately preparing tax returns and dealing with the IRS. We can help you effectively work with the IRS to manage your tax audit as painlessly as possible.

Challenging Your Audit with the IRS

While you may imagine the IRS as a bad-guy who relishes the thought of undertaking tax audits on unsuspecting tax filers -- it’s actually a burden on their time and resources.

The good news is that most of the notices (about 90%) from the IRS can be challenged; tax payers may not even be liable for the whole balance that the IRS states they are owed for miscalculations on tax returns. Your best option is to fight the IRS and save as much money as possible. With tax audit help from Sina Kazemi Accounting & Tax Service LLC, you’ll get the assistance you need to challenge your audit notice.

Get Help for Tax Audits in Falls Church, VA

Tax audits aren’t as common as some many think, but the IRS will flag your tax return if the submitted information is out-of-the-ordinary. Sina Kazemi, owner of Sina Kazemi Accounting & Tax Service LLC has been providing tax audit help for businesses and individuals in Falls Church for nearly a decade. We also provide tax planning and preparation services to help you avoid tax errors and inaccurate tax filing problems for future tax seasons.

If you have been flagged for an IRS audit, contact our office as soon as possible for your consultation.

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